Multi-Factor Guru

May 9


On Sunday, January 22nd, was hacked. was rerouted to the site several times.  Dana White, the UFC’s president, called the site’s organizers terrorists at the “UFC on Fox 2” press conference.  The hacking of is said to be the result of Dana White and the company’s support of SOPA and PIPA.  The SOPA and PIPA bills are aimed at stopping online piracy.

The attack was also reported to be because of retaliation for the shutdown of the file sharing website

Dana White did not tweet about the incident as he usually does about any incident related to  Dana White taunted the hackers to attack the site again saying reportedly, “Keep hacking our site, do it again. Do it tonight.”  The hacker that took credit for the hacking didn’t hack the site again, but posted Dana White’s personal information, including social security number, residential addresses, a vehicle identification number and personal phone number in reaction to the taunt.

The hacker is now reportedly targeting Dana White.  Dana White responded by saying that he’s not afraid of the internet and that it’s where the cowards live.

The hacking attacks might have been prevented if the UFC’s servers were protected by layered security such as two factor authentication.  If the servers were protected with two factor authentication, the network administrator could have been alerted that the site was being hacked and the hacker would have a much harder time gaining access to the site and redirecting it to another site.

Big organizations such as the aren’t immune to attacks and they should take precautionary measures to protect themselves against these types of attacks.  Two factor authentication is relatively cheap to implement compared to other security solutions, easy to use, and is a very effective way to thwart hacking attacks.  If the UFC can incorporate layered security into their servers and access controls, they have a better chance at protecting against future attacks and securing their servers.  If the UFC were as aggressive on implementing security methods on their site as they are with their marketing, they would be a much more secure company with a much more secure website.

The hacking of should have been addressed more seriously because a hacking incident like this should not be taken lightly.  Dana White and the UFC should acknowledge the hacking incident and also ensure fans of the website and organization that the site is easy to use since there are users that login to the site for updates and news.  Tickets are also purchased through for events and users need to feel safe that their payment information and personal information will not be hacked and that the is a secure site.  We will find out if the UFC will address the issue more seriously and if they will be hacked again.  Mixed Martial Arts is a popular sport and the UFC has a strong hold on the sport so fans will probably continue to log onto the site, but the UFC needs to be doing a better job at securing their website and servers so that hacking incidents don’t occur again and so that sensitive data of their users will be safe.